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Larsen Original for Cello

‘We strive to produce strings that allow musicians to express the subtlest nuances in their music. Reducing the distance between composer and audience.’

Laurits Th. Larsen.

Larsen Strings Original

We have always taken the time to explore the technical opportunities and possibilities in pursuit of the perfect process and combination of the finest materials. But the critical component has always been you. We work with musicians in string development as an essential phase of the Larsen process. Working with you to discover the soul of your instrument.

Our solid steel core Cello range is completed by an E string. This string is wound using precision rolled aluminium. At Larsen Strings we make every effort to ensure that our strings are of the highest quality with the consistently unique Larsen sound.

Our A and D strings are wound with a special precision rolled stainless steel flat wire. Meanwhile, the G and C strings are wound with tungsten, providing a deep, warm and focused sound with great power and personality. All four strings are offered in tensions soft, medium and strong.

Philippe Muller

Philippe Muller

Larsen Original Cello A
Larsen Original Cello D
Larsen Original Cello G
Larsen Original Cello C

‘I love playing the Larsen strings, mainly because their sound is large, aristocratic and resonant as well as seductive, highly efficient and very noble’.

Philippe Muller

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Aiming for Sustainable Solutions


We are participating in Project ZEROThe entire Sonderborg area is involved in the vision of creating a COneutral growth area before 2029. Larsen Strings has been awarded Silver Certification.

Our aim is to work toward sustainable solutions at Larsen Strings.  As a company we have chosen to support the environment by upgrading to the CO2 neutral energy plan ‘Medvind’ as supplied by SE’s Danish Land Wind Turbines.


Elholm 6, 6400 Sønderborg, Denmark.

Larsen Strings A/S has chosen to support the environment by upgrading to the CO2 neutral energy plan ‘Medvind’ as supplied by SE’s Danish Land Wind Turbines. Awarded Silver Certification as a corporate participant in Project ZERO (Sønderborg).