Caroline Pearsall

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Tzigane for Violin

‘When I discovered the Tzigane strings I found the warmth, strength and subtlety I had been looking for. With Larsen I can continue my musical exploration knowing that I can trust these strings to deliver’.

Caroline Pearsall

Larsen Tzigane

Larsen Tzigane: Directly inspired by Ravel’s Tzigane and so delivering a richly smooth, saturated, sound with an overlay of sensual warmth. Rapidly played in and eminently playable with excellent focus and projection. A mellow accompaniment for the brighter to neutral sounding instrument.

The strings are offered in two tensions, medium and strong. The strong tension strings offer the most volume and resistance to the bow. For very bright sounding violins, Tzigane strong tension is the ideal choice.

String Details. The Larsen Tzigane G, D and A strings are made using a multi-filament nylon core. The G and D strings are wound with precision rolled pure silver flat wire, the A string with aluminium. The E string is made of a unique carbon steel.

Caroline Pearsall

Caroline Pearsall

Made in Denmark
Larsen Tzigane ® Violin E
Larsen Tzigane ® Violin A
Larsen Tzigane ® Violin D
Larsen Tzigane ® Violin G

Larsen Strings Reviews

Independent reviews submitted by musicians

“I really love Larsen ‘Tzigane’ strings! They work for all of my violins, respond immediately and they sound wonderful. I wish to Larsen strings success in the future!”

“I really fell in love with Larsen ‘Tzigane’ strings! Since I play on them, it’s like I have found my own identity. They respond right away and they are wonderful, both for musical or technical passages.

I also want to mention the kindness and high professionalism of the staff at ‘Larsen Strings’. And I wish you lots of success in the future! Many thanks!”

“An exquisite sound for a great price. The Tzigane strings really lift up the sound of a cheaper instrument. Especially the E string.”

“Excellent products and fantastic people. That is what comes to my mind first when I think “Larsen Strings”. I give 5 stars just because cannot give more”

“Invited to come and visit the LARSEN STRINGS factory in Sonderborg, I really appreciate the professional and human behaviour of the staff. They just want to produce the best strings! Their enthusiasm is contagious.”

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Aiming for Sustainable Solutions


We are participating in Project ZEROThe entire Sonderborg area is involved in the vision of creating a COneutral growth area before 2029. Larsen Strings has been awarded Silver Certification.

Our aim is to work toward sustainable solutions at Larsen Strings.  As a company we have chosen to support the environment by upgrading to the CO2 neutral energy plan ‘Medvind’ as supplied by SE’s Danish Land Wind Turbines.


Elholm 6, 6400 Sønderborg, Denmark.

Larsen Strings A/S has chosen to support the environment by upgrading to the CO2 neutral energy plan ‘Medvind’ as supplied by SE’s Danish Land Wind Turbines. Awarded Silver Certification as a corporate participant in Project ZERO (Sønderborg).