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Magnacore® Arioso Cello

Magnacore Arioso

The Arioso G and C have now been joined by the Arioso A and D to complete the Magnacore Arioso set. Experience a new freedom of expression without a compromise in power. Well suited to both older Italian as well as modern instruments. For the gourmet musician experimenting with new combinations of sound texture and colour: Free your voice: Created to Sing with a Subtle Power.

Magnacore ® Arioso Set

The complete Magnacore Arioso set. To achieve the optimal balance we have combined the lower tension of the G & C with the medium tension A & D Arioso. The overall result is a medium tension set delivering great projection combined with a wide range of sound colours.

Norbert Anger

Norbert Anger performs with Arioso

Magnacore ® Arioso G and C
The Magnacore Arioso C and G deliver a lower tension without compromising sound volume. Liberating your overall sound and providing easy response and effortless playing in the lower register. The Magnacore Arioso G and C strings are made on a concentric multi-stranded steel core and wound with high-grade tungsten and precision rolled flat wire.

Magnacore® Arioso A and D
The Magnacore Arioso A and D have been purpose designed for the professional cellist. True freedom of expression with an almost singing quality combined with a focussed colour of tone. Free your voice with the complete Magnacore Arioso set for cello.

Magnacore ® Arioso A
Magnacore ® Arioso D
Magnacore ® Arioso G
Magnacore ® Arioso C

With the completion of Magnacore Arioso Christopher Franzius, First Principal Cello of the NDR Elbphilharmonie and a longtime friend, has been one of the driving forces involved in the development. Already passionate about Magnacore Arioso C and G here is Christopher’s review of the final completion with the A and D:

‘The new Arioso A and D strings not only hold the well-known charm of the warm Larsen sound but set also new standards with their harmonious brilliance and easiest playing up to the highest positions. The singing character of these strings facilitates wonderful, cantabile, legato passages and brings to me as a player inspiration to discover new possibilities with my instrument. Combined with the C and G strings already on the market, they form an ideal symbiosis. The instrument sounds more free and open, it resonates longer and simply feels good. I would say: Strings to satisfy the highest of demands.’

Christopher Franzius

Sound & Characteristics

Singing voice with brilliance and projection.
Low tension on C and G. Very easy response particularly in pp.

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Larsen Cello Magnacore® Arioso

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Arioso Set

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Sol Gabetta

Sol Gabetta

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Raphael Wallfisch

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Norbert Anger

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Sheku Kanneh-Mason

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