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Il Cannone Gold Violin by Larsen Strings
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Made with Love & Passion

New Il Cannone Gold for violin: created with high-grade gold for the soloist violinist looking for unique power and durability.

Il Cannone Gold. Rusanda Panfili. Original image by Stefan Panfili.
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Duek Woo Kim performs with Il Cannone Gold

Soloist Tension Redefined

Reviews of our Il Cannone Gold sound include: ‘incredibly powerful, a palette of sensuous sound colours, fast, strong, crisp, durable, long-lasting, unique.’

Another World First from Larsen Strings

Il Cannone Violin Gold

Introducing the world’s first gold D string in perfect partnership with our gold G crafted with the highest grade gold available in string design. Designed to last, combining strength with sensitivity.

For the new Il Cannone Gold we have combined the premium quality D & G with our exclusive carbon-steel E and an A wound with precision rolled aluminium flat-wire.

The A, D & G are built upon our latest and most advanced core materials yet with world-renowned exceptional quality, signed, sealed and consistently delivered by Larsen Strings.

Larsen Strings Il Cannone Gold for Violin Carton

“All I have to say is that the gold Larsen strings are unbelievable…just amazing.”

Ricardo Cyncynates, Assistant Concertmaster, NSO, Washington.

Sound & Characteristics

Radiant ~ powerful ~ sensuous ~ immediate ~ durable ~ unique.

‘a vibrancy that makes the entire instrument resonate as if the strings are in perfect sync with the violin.’

Larsen Strings Il Cannone Gold for Violin

Guidance & Recommendations

Some frequently asked questions about our new Il Cannone Gold for violin

What makes the new Il Cannone Gold strings so exceptional?

In a world first for violin strings, Il Cannone Gold includes both a gold wound G and D. This truly unique combination delivers a sound which is glowing, crisp, robust and carrying. The most powerful strings in the Il Cannone family built upon the same string tension as the Il Cannone Soloist yet offering a unique strength for violin strings. Enhancing the core sound of the instrument, Il Cannone Gold offers a vibrancy that makes the ‘entire instrument resonate as if the strings are in perfect sync with the instrument.’

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What tension are Il Cannone Gold strings?

Il Cannone Gold strings have an identical tension to our Il Cannone Soloist strings. Soloist strings have a somewhat higher, stronger, tension in comparison with our Il Cannone Medium strings.

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For which type of violin can you recommend Gold strings?

We have tested Gold with excellent results both on old Italian and French instruments as well as new instruments. We can recommend these strings for all types of violins which are capable of carrying a somewhat higher, stronger, tension.

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My violin is sensitive to higher string tension. Can I still use the new Il Cannone Gold strings?

If your violin is known to be sensitive to higher string tension, we do not recommend these strings as supplied as the full set. However, we have successfully fitted these strings on very old and highly valuable Italian violins. In these applications we installed an alternative lower tension E-string, for example Il Cannone E Soloist or Il Cannone E Medium. Another successful pairing incorporated the medium tension Il Cannone Direct & Focused A in combination with the Gold G and D.

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Is it necessary to fit the whole set of the Il Cannone Gold for the best result or can I combine with other strings/only use single strings from the set?

We recommend fitting both Gold G and D as they develop full sound potential and playing characteristics when used in combination. The A and E supplied with the set have been carefully chosen according to our observations and experience during the testing and development process.
You are, of course, welcome to experiment and combine with your own choice of strings but especially the E where appropriate. See next for our recommendations.

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I have tried Il Cannone Gold set on my violin. What options would you suggest to further optimise the result?

The optimal combination of the Gold G and D with complimentary A and E strings is crucial for the ideal balance between the strings in both response and sound. The A and E included in the set have been carefully chosen according to the considerable experience gained from comprehensive field-testing during development. Naturally, there are multiple variables in application, instruments and style. For example, we observed instruments where alternative A and E strings performed even more successfully in combination with the Gold G and D.

Our recommendations are:

To open up the sound (when the upper register sounds close and tight). Apply Il Cannone Soloist E or alternatively our Il Cannone Medium E. The former is more direct sounding whilst the latter is warmer.

To achieve a warmer and broader sound in the upper register. Apply Il Cannone Soloist A in combination with Il Cannone Soloist E. For an even warmer sound our Larsen Gold E-string is recommended.

For some older Italian instruments we achieved excellent results when applying the Il Cannone Medium A and E. To gain that more relaxed sound in the upper register apply Il Cannone Medium A and E.

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Do the Il Cannone Gold strings show their full potential right away or should I allow for playing-in time?

The Il Cannone Gold strings deliver an excellent tone and playability immediately upon installation.

Playing in: according to the experience of musicians fitting Gold, you can expect the Gold G and D to achieve even greater sound modulating character after a few days of use making it easier to dive into the true depth of the strings. In addition, a more focused sound was also reported after few days of playing.

Please enjoy and do let us know what you think.

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Completing the Family. Il Cannone Gold Violin Comparison (PDF).

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Information Sheet (PDF)

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Violin Sound Map (PDF)

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Silk Colour Chart (PDF)

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Il Cannone Gold Artists

As part of the development process we have been comprehensively testing with musicians from around the world including:

Duek Woo Kim

Duek Woo Kim

Professor of Orchestral Studies in the School of Arts at Chung-Ang University


G. F. Pressenda

Rusanda Panfili. Soloist, composer, arranger. Soloist: The World of Hans Zimmer.

Rusanda Panfili

Soloist, composer, arranger. Soloist Performer: The World of Hans Zimmer.


Giovanni Paolo Maggini

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Eichhorn. Violin. Kronberg Academy.

Friedemann Eichhorn

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Eichhorn. Violin. Kronberg Academy.


Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume

Harvey de Souza. Principal first violin, Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, London.

Harvey de Souza

Principal First Violin, The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, London.


Carlo Bergonzi

Zhi-Jong Wang

Zhi-Jong Wang

Professor & Deputy Director of the Orchestral Department at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.



Ricardo Cyncynates. Assistant Concertmaster, National Symphony Orchestra, Washington.

Ricardo Cyncynates

Assistant Concertmaster, National Symphony Orchestra, Washington.


Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume

Dedicated to the Artists

Made in Denmark

Alternative Options for Violin

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Virtuoso® Violin

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Il Cannone Gold Violin

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Il Cannone® Violin

Il Cannone® Violin

Il Cannone® Violin Direct Focused

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Larsen Il Cannone Gold

Full available range. 600 x 600px x 72dpi.

Il Cannone Violin Gold E

Violin E


Il Cannone Violin Gold A

Violin A


Il Cannone Violin Gold D

Violin D


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Violin Set


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Aiming for sustainable solutions

Our ambition at Larsen Strings is to progressively work toward sustainable solutions in the way that we operate as a company. Some steps are small and some, such as our decision to upgrade to a C0² neutral electricity plan, are larger steps towards our destination.

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