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Dr. Thomas Zwieg with Laurits Th. Larsen

Dr. Thomas Zwieg with Laurits Th. Larsen

“If I was not deeply devoted to music, I would not be manufacturing strings. I still consider myself primarily a musician…”

Laurits Th. Larsen

As told by Laurits’ son Marius Hviid Larsen

Unlike the rest of our family my father showed an early interest in classical music and began to play the violin at the age of eleven.

Later, while still a student at the music conservatoire, he won a prestigious grant from the Danish Jacob Gade Foundation for his playing.

Following studies abroad his dream of a professional musical career became reality when he joined the Southern Danish Symphony Orchestra.

laurits larsen founder of larsen strings
laurits larsen close up violin

A love of music and a passion for great sound

His love of music and a passion for great sound challenged my father to explore a new talent when some twenty years ago there was a real shortage of good cello strings.

A long story short, my father had promised a friend some strings which in the end he couldn’t get: So he decided to try making them himself. And as it turned out, he had technical aptitude and a great deal of inventiveness which could be combined with his musicianship. And so our garage was emptied in 1990 to make space for the production of the very first Larsen strings.

To this day my father still develops new products but he is just as involved in developing the custom machinery we use to manufacture them.

Larsen to the Core

Creative ability doesn’t always go hand in hand with financial sense or entrepreneurial drive.

Fortunately, my father has had a bit of everything.

He motivates and brings out the best in people and engages with so many partners across the world, musicians and businesses alike, to benefit the advancement of our strings and the quality they contribute to players everywhere.

laurits larsen listening intently
laurits larsen smiling with violin

With Love and Passion

As a testament to his efforts he was awarded the innovation prize by the Confederation of Danish Industry already in 1997.

As my father’s son I get to see sides of him that aren’t visible to everyone. For someone like him who really values personal relations with people in and around the company to also be on top of finance and management hasn’t always been easy. But there is a reason that it has worked and that is:

Everything he does, he does whole heartedly

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Aiming for Sustainable Solutions


We are participating in Project ZEROThe entire Sonderborg area is involved in the vision of creating a COneutral growth area before 2029. Larsen Strings has been awarded Silver Certification.

Our aim is to work toward sustainable solutions at Larsen Strings.  As a company we have chosen to support the environment by upgrading to the CO2 neutral energy plan ‘Medvind’ as supplied by SE’s Danish Land Wind Turbines.


Elholm 6, 6400 Sønderborg, Denmark.

Larsen Strings A/S has chosen to support the environment by upgrading to the CO2 neutral energy plan ‘Medvind’ as supplied by SE’s Danish Land Wind Turbines. Awarded Silver Certification as a corporate participant in Project ZERO (Sønderborg).