Alina Pogostkina
Virtuoso for Violin

‘Larsen Virtuoso: A string that certainly earns its name in combining virtuosity with superiority. An effortless and playful elegance.’

Prof. Friedemann Eichhorn

Larsen Virtuoso

We offer Larsen Virtuoso strings in two tensions, medium and strong. Virtuoso medium and strong are both somewhat lower in tension than their conventional equivalent gauges. The medium tension strings show extraordinary string response, playability and sound modulation capability. The strong version is more focused in sound, more ‘soloistic’ and with higher resistance to the bow.

Extremely well received and consistently reviewed as setting the new standard for the violin. The ambition was to create a truly innovative synthetic core string at only moderate tension yet capable of delivering a richly nuanced sound with exceptional volume.

Eminently playable and noted for its remarkable string response and reliability the Larsen Virtuoso is now available as sets or individual strings with E ball or loop end. Purpose designed with moderated tension we offer medium and strong options to suit warm to neutral sounding instruments.

Alina Pogostkina

Alina Pogostkina

Made in Denmark

String Details. The Virtuoso E string is made using a unique carbon steel, while the A, D and G strings build on a new, pioneering synthetic multi-filament core. The A string is wound with precision rolled aluminium flat wire, the D and G strings with pure silver.

Larsen Virtuoso® Violin E
Larsen Virtuoso® Violin A
Larsen Virtuoso® Violin D
Larsen Virtuoso® Violin G

Larsen Strings Reviews

Independent reviews submitted by musicians

“I have a beautiful violin, made by Vissenaire in France in 1859. Since I play with the Larsen Virtuoso strings, my violin sounds even better. With brilliancy and a very clear sound. They make my violin sound great, thanks to Larsen.”

“Very good strings, my favourite is definitely Virtuoso. Soft and nice sound.”

“Brilliant strings. I have played fiddle for 21 years and tried lots of string types. These Larsen strings give unparalleled sound playability and durability compared to any other string I have played. Excellent first class product.”

“Larsen Virtuoso strings are clear and loud but with a feel and playability of a warm synthetic string. If your instrument is relatively dark sounding but cannot handle a lot of tension these are the perfect strings for you.”

“Excellent products and fantastic people. That is what comes to my mind first when I think “Larsen Strings”. I give 5 stars just because cannot give more”

“Invited to come and visit the LARSEN STRINGS factory in Sonderborg, I really appreciate the professional and human behaviour of the staff. They just want to produce the best strings! Their enthusiasm is contagious.”

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Affordable and clean energy

Aiming for sustainable solutions

Our aim here at Larsen Strings is to progressively work toward sustainable solutions in the way that we operate as a company. Some steps are small and some, such as our decision to upgrade to a C0² neutral electricity plan are larger steps towards our destination.

Made in Denmark
Energy certificate

Elholm 6A, DK 6400, Sønderborg, Denmark.

Larsen Strings A/S has chosen to support the environment by upgrading to a CO2 neutral wind energy plan.  Larsen Strings also supports UN World Goal 7 "Sustainable Energy" through its green choice.