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“Il Cannone is THE new voice of cello! Sublime, powerful… It is really impressive, spectacular!”

Christian-Pierre La Marca

Il Cannone for Cello

Larsen Strings. Laurits Th. Larsen Founder & CEO

Laurits Th. Larsen. The Founder & CEO of Larsen Strings A/S.

'Can you make me a cello A string?'

The answer was anything but simple but that chance remark led to the creation of Larsen Strings. The first Larsen cello A was successfully delivered from the Larsen family garage and the Larsen family of strings began to grow along with the realisation that:

Although some of the best things happen by chance we can make them truly remarkable by design.

At Larsen Strings we develop, produce and market strings of the finest musical quality for bowed string instruments.

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Explore Larsen Original, Virtuoso Medium, Medium Extra Long and Soloist



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New from Larsen Strings

Il Cannone for Cello

Il Cannone Cello: Free Strings

NEW Il Cannone for Cello. Built upon the powerful foundations of a rich and expressive core sound, Il Cannone for cello offers you a rich palette of set up combinations. With our launch set we are delighted to include two additional strings, upper and lower, to experiment with the options. The launch set is supplied as ADGC Direct & Focused with additional and complimentary A and C, Warm & Broad, alternatives.

Johannes Wildner & Sønderjyllands Symphony Orchestra

We are pleased to announce that we will be exclusively sponsoring the appointment of Johannes Wildner as Chief Conductor at the Sønderjyllands Symphony Orchestra to commence from the 2019-2020 season and for the subsequent two seasons until June 2022.

Johannes Wildner Sønderjyllands Symphony Orchestra

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The Stradivari Challenge

‘Chaconne’ Stradivarius (1725) versus ‘ex-Hämmerle’ Stradivarius (1709)
Il Cannone® for Violin with both instruments played by Rainer Honeck, Concertmaster, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Laurits Th. Larsen visits Vienna and talks us through a Stradivari challenge at Marcel Richters’ studio. Please view and see and hear the results.

Virtuoso® for Viola

With the development of our Virtuoso Viola strings the focus has been upon creating a new offering for viola D, G and C, built upon the firm foundations of our tried and trusted A. Now also available as Medium Extra Long.

‘Finding a balance of qualities to complement and mutually enhance something old with something new.’

Viola Virtuoso Extra Long

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Il Cannone® for Violin

Designed to bring out the best in your violin, Il Cannone individual strings and sets are available as two versions. The Medium variant has a more moderate tension with an open, colourful, projecting, richer and powerful sound whilst the Soloist brings a fuller tone, with even more presence and focus. Rusanda Panfili performs with Il Cannone.

News from Larsen Strings

Harnessing the firepower

Harnessing the firepower

Harnessing the firepower of a legendary instrument Larsen’s ‘Il Cannone’ violin strings, first produced in 2017, were inspired by the sound of the famous 1743 Guarneri ‘del Gesù’ once owned by Paganini and nicknamed ‘Il Cannone’ on account of its explosively powerful...

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Christine Bernsted. Meet the family…

Christine Bernsted. Meet the family…

Christine, welcome to the family. Why not meet the whole Larsen Strings Family of Artists? We work closely with musicians in the development of our strings and invite you to view reviews, videos and to connect with our colleagues and friends. See and hear the strings...

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Il Cannone for Cello Released

The next generation has arrived. Just released, the new Il Cannone for Cello. As Jian Wang was kind enough to say: 'this is not just an evolution...this is a revolution'. Our launch set features two free additional strings, A & C. Please follow the link for...

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Kronberg Academy

An all new featurette from our friends at Kronberg Academy. Also check out their YouTube channel for the series ‘A glimpse into my world’ short interviews introducing students sharing their experiences at the Academy. This week introducing the cellist Li La, 17, from...

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Things Musicians Don’t Talk About

Things Musicians Don’t Talk About

A new podcast series from Larsen cellist Hattie Butterworth ‘Our lives as musicians can feel lonely. We are part of a wonderful profession of innovation and change alongside tradition. We bring creativity and joy to the lives of many people, but often our own lives...

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Reconnecting Live

Reconnecting Live

Larsen Artists Bruno Philippe & Pablo Ferrández are delighted to announce their first concerts since lockdown. Bruno performs on Medici TV on July 9th and Pablo at the Santander Festival on 7th August. Good luck! Bruno Philippe   Pablo Ferrández

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“If I was not deeply devoted to music, I would not be manufacturing strings. I still consider myself primarily a musician…”

Laurits Th. Larsen

Founder & Director

Aiming for Sustainable Solutions


We are participating in Project ZEROThe entire Sonderborg area is involved in the vision of creating a COneutral growth area before 2029. Larsen Strings has been awarded Silver Certification.

Our aim is to work toward sustainable solutions at Larsen Strings.  As a company we have chosen to support the environment by upgrading to the CO2 neutral energy plan ‘Medvind’ as supplied by SE’s Danish Land Wind Turbines.


Elholm 6, 6400 Sønderborg, Denmark.

Larsen Strings A/S has chosen to support the environment by upgrading to the CO2 neutral energy plan ‘Medvind’ as supplied by SE’s Danish Land Wind Turbines. Awarded Silver Certification as a corporate participant in Project ZERO (Sønderborg).