Larsen Magnacore ® for Cello

Larsen Magnacore®

A Charismatic Sound with an Almost Endless Palette of Colours.

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Larsen Magnacore for Cello

Larsen Magnacore ® The Perfected Set: Extremely well balanced set for the professional cellist offering a charismatic sound with an endless palette of colours to work with.

The Magnacore ® A and D are made on a solid steel core and wound with high quality precision rolled flat wire. The medium tension strings are designed for a perfect fit with our Magnacore ® G and C medium strings whilst the strong combination has been developed to complement our Magnacore ® G and C strong.

Larsen Magnacore ® Cello from Larsen Strings

‘We have added a lovely edge to the sound, nice & bright so it carries but still with the famous Larsen roundness. These strings offer many sound colours, from bright to dark, combined with a new clarity and brilliance – a truly singing sound.’

Laurits Th. Larsen

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Larsen Magnacore ® Arioso


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Magnacore ® Arioso A & D Available Now
Larsen Strings Original Cello

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Magnacore ® Arioso Cello

Magnacore® Arioso

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