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Magnacore® Arioso

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Magnacore® Arioso

The Arioso G and C are about to be joined by the Arioso A and D to complete the set. Experience a new freedom of expression without a compromise in power. Well suited to both older Italian as well as modern instruments. For the gourmet musician experimenting with new combinations of sound texture and colour: Free your voice: Created to Sing with a Subtle Power

Magnacore® Arioso G and C

The Arioso C and G partnership offers new possibilities to find your voice with your particular instrument combined with your ideal match from the full menu of Larsen A and D for cello: Original, Soloist and specifically Magnacore® in medium or strong tension.

The Magnacore® Arioso C and G deliver a lower tension without compromising sound volume. Liberating and accentuating the A and D in your overall sound and providing easy response and effortless playing to the lower register.

The Magnacore® Arioso G and C strings are made on a concentric multi-stranded steel core and wound with high-grade tungsten and precision rolled flat wire.


NEW: Magnacore® Arioso A and D

Coming soon in 2017, the new Magnacore® Arioso A and D are both designed and recommended for the professional cellist. True freedom of expression with an almost singing quality combined with a focussed colour of tone. Free your voice in 2017 with the complete Magnacore® Arioso set for cello.


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