“From the moment I put the new “Il Cannone” cello string-set on my cello, I knew these strings were going to be a game-changer…

…a string “nomad”, I have tried most cello strings available on the market (save for pure gut strings), and was never fully happy with the outcome.

Now, all my cellos are strung with “Il Cannone”, and I can’t imagine performing on anything else. The “Il Cannone” are extremely supple, yet very powerful strings – they work amazingly on both modern and old instruments, and in essence, they allow the player to play freely, without fear. The color palette of the middle strings (D and G) is wonderful, and the C allows for the ‘juiciest” sound ever. Larsen has always excelled in crafting superb A and D strings, and the Il Cannone A is perhaps their finest to date – seemingly limitless power and color.”

Lachezar Kostov

lachezar kostov cellist