Our thanks to Hyunseok Yoo for this review of Il Cannone Direct & Focused for violin.

Music credit: Saint-Saëns Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, Op.28. Hyunseok Yoo.

I was very happy to hear that I was selected for Larsen Strings’ Il Cannone Direct & Focused experience group. I was curious about how it would differ from the existing Il Cannone, it was also because I wanted to play with better strings for upcoming concert with an orchestra.
After I received it, I immediately changed the strings and practiced, and it exceeded expectations. The sound felt more direct and focused. It had the agility to respond immediately when I wanted to express it more strongly, but surprisingly, it wasn’t sharp.
The 0.28 E string, which is said to be made of thicker carbon steel, felt easier to finger and extended sound better than the existing string. And the A string felt warm. I felt like the strings supported the musical colour I wanted to express.