Prof. Maria Kliegel & Larsen Strings for Cello. The Importance of Strings Part II (of IV).

Professor at the Cologne Academy of Music, Maria Kliegel discusses the possibilities and opportunities of cello strings with Larsen Strings. As for many cellists who have played our A and D strings for quite some years like Maria, our Il Cannone for Cello strings now offer the natural stage in evolution as the alternative of choice for your G and C.

We are both delighted and honoured to have spent this time with Maria with her engaging style and insightful observations. A true inspiration and we hope that these discussions prove as fascinating to you.

The Importance of Strings Part II (of IV)
‘About the development of notes and the sound possibilities of good strings’

Prof. Maria Kliegel (Cologne)
Bürgermeisterhaus in Essen, Germany

Dr. Thomas Zwieg, VP Product Development, Larsen Strings A/S

Videographer: Björn Sörensen

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