Meta Weiss from the Streeton Trio has sent us this nice review of our Magnacore strings for Cello:

“I have performed on Larsen strings for most of my life as a cellist, and I have used the Larsen A & D combination on almost every cello I have played. It was only recently that I switched to using a full set of Magnacore, and of all the strings I’ve tried, the Larsen Magnacore strings are by far the best setup for my cello, a Gioffredo Cappa, c. 1690.

I have always chosen Larsen strings for their richness of sound, range of color, and ease of playing. In the past, I used the Larsen Soloist strings, but switched to Magnacore when they were released. While I think both lines are very fine strings, I prefer the complexity of the Magnacore strings on my instrument.

The current string setup on my Cappa cello is: Magnacore A (strong), Magnacore D (strong), Magnacore G (strong), Magnacore C (Arioso). I switched to using a Magnacore G a few years ago, and have recently begun using the Magnacore Arioso C, which I really love. I think it has a wonderful blend of power, warmth, and resonance. It also breaks in very quickly and noticeably opens up the other registers of the instrument across the rest of the strings. I use Magnacore strong for the rest of the strings because of the brilliance and depth of sound it provides for my cello.

At Violins Australia, I was able to compare the benefits of the medium tension C string with strong A, D, and G, as well as the Arioso G and C string with strong A and D. The medium tension C string worked well on my instrument, and perhaps was a bit louder than the Arioso, but did not provide the openness of the rest of the strings like the Arioso C string. When I tried the Arioso G and C together, the general tone quality and feel of the A and D strings improved, but it lessened the projection of my instrument overall.

I have to say that I was skeptical at first of the Arioso C string, because I was so used to the robust clarity of my former C string. However, I do not feel that I have compromised any projection in switching to the Arioso C, and instead have gained a rounder, richer, and more responsive tone across my instrument. I believe that I have found the ideal string setup for my Cappa cello. The Magnacore strings are well-balanced, and have the best possible combination of strength and warmth.”


Thank you, Meta, for sharing…

We couldn’t do it without you.

Meta Weiss received her Bachelor of Music degree from Rice University, and her Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees at The Juilliard School. She was appointed Senior Lecturer in Cello and Head of Chamber Music at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University in 2015.

Weiss performs on a Gioffredo Cappa cello, c. 1690, generously provided by an anonymous supporter.


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photo credit: Juli L Weiss