Daniel Müller-Schott Discusses and Performs with Magnacore® Arioso A & D:
‘…a revelation for me and for the instrument.’

We invite you to view two rather wonderful short films recorded with the renowned cello soloist Daniel Müller-Schott.

Mr. Müller-Schott explores and elaborates upon the capabilities of the Magnacore® Arioso A and D and demonstrates how much of a revelation these new strings have been for him.

Mr. Müller-Schott has been very much involved in the development process in our completion of the full set and we are extremely grateful for his consistent enthusiasm and invaluable help in this.

Filmed on location at Martinstadl, the recordings are made and edited by us to 4K standard for the best possible sound reproduction so we very much hope that you enjoy the experience as much as we did. And please feel free to share.

Cello by Matteo Goffriller, 1727, “Ex-Shapiro”.

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