Find your voice: With the completion of the Magnacore® Arioso set a new synergy has arrived.


At Larsen Strings we have always believed that the development process of new strings is an essential partnership of elements: A blend between creativity and innovation in the combination of materials and you.


A synergy of testing and trialing in pursuit of perfection not only in terms of the technical expertise here at Sønderborg but also, hands on, with musicians across Europe and beyond.
With the completion of Magnacore® Arioso Christopher Franzius, First Principal Cello of the NDR Elbphilharmonie and a longtime friend, has been one of the driving forces involved in the development. Already passionate about Magnacore® Arioso C and G here is Christopher’s review of the final completion with the A and D:

“The new Arioso A and D strings not only hold the well-known charm of the warm Larsen sound but set also new standards with their harmonious brilliance and easiest playing up to the highest positions. The singing character of these strings facilitates wonderful, cantabile, legato passages and brings to me as a player inspiration to discover new possibilities with my instrument. Combined with the C and G strings already on the market, they form an ideal symbiosis. The instrument sounds more free and open, it resonates longer and simply feels good. I would say: Strings to satisfy the highest of demands.”


A new synergy has arrived: The individual elements of Magnacore® Arioso set. And you.