Guiding your search for the perfect sound.

Whether you are looking for a string set which can bring more brilliance, warmth, focus of sound or broad harmonic spectrum to your instrument, the Sound Compass shows you the direction.

Keeping in mind that strings are characterized by many other features, our aim is to offer you a simple, easy to use chart, which can help differentiating between the sets of Larsen strings available.

To find out more about our strings, please consult our product factsheets where you can read about projection, volume, tension, tuning stability, playability and response, core and winding material, playing-in-time, reliability and maybe first of all a more precise description of the sound colours of the string sets.


Larsen Tzigane®

Delivers a smooth, richly saturated sound with an overlay of sensual warmth

Larsen Original for Violin

Delivers a warm, yet direct and determined sound — Larsen Original for Violin

Larsen Virtuoso®

Capable of delivering a richly nuanced sound with exceptional volume at only moderate tension


Larsen Original for Cello

The famously distinct and embracing warmth of the Original Larsen sound – Larsen Original for Cello

Larsen Soloist

Enhanced projection, focus and volume particularly at the higher harmonics as demanded by the professional solo player

Larsen Magnacore®

Extremely well balanced set for the professional cellist offering a charismatic sound with an endless palette of colors

Larsen Crown Strings

A smoothly brilliant sound without metallic overtones – Larsen Crown Strings for Cello – Larsen Crown Strings for Cello