Trying strings with musicians is always an interesting experience. Not only do we acquire a lot of valuable information about what musicians want and what works for them, it is also amazing to notice the great improvement one single string can make to an entire instrument.

Last week, Andreas Grünkorn, who is 1st Solo-Cellist at the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra, came to visit us with two beautiful instruments. First of all, we tried strings on a cello from Dietmar Rexhausen strung with Magnacore strong strings. Andreas felt that the instrument had lost some of its energy. After trying a new special A string, the response of the entire instrument became much easier. Moreover, the A strings provided a wonderful singing sound.

To get the best of an instrument, all things must be in balance. Changing one string will often affect the entire instrument and by the end of our trials, the instrument was strung with Magnacore Arioso C, Magnacore medium G and some special Magnacore A and D strings. The cello had regained its freedom of expression.

Afterwards, we tried strings on Andreas’ Postiglione cello which was also strung with Magnacore strong strings and which also ended up with the same string set-up as the Rexhausen. Once again, we witnessed how strings can free the voice of an instrument.

Thank you, Andreas Grünkorn, for stopping by, We couldn’t do it without you.

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