Recently we had the pleasure of welcoming the Danish Violinmakers Association (“Violinbyggernes Mesterlaug i Danmark”) here at Larsen Strings. The Association held their annual general meeting in Sønderborg and subsequently made a visit to Larsen Strings.

Hand in hand with violinmakers

How we make strings, how we ensure a consistent quality and how our strings may affect their instruments. This is what we wanted to share with the Danish violinmakers, hoping in this way to help them acquire an even better understanding of how strings react to different instruments, allwith the ambition of offering the best possible support to musicians.

From raw material to the packing of strings…

As a first step we looked at the preparation of the different core materials, whether synthetic, solid steel or multi-stranded steel core. We then discussed the making of the strings: How materials and manufacturing are carefully monitored to ensure that strings have consistent quality. Going further, we showed them how the strings are tested and fitted with the Larsen color codes to be ready for packing, sealing and distribution.

We are happy to be part of it!

Thank you very much to the Danish Violinmakers Association for giving us the opportunity to show you what we do and for your most important feedback. Musicians use your instruments and our strings to make music to the benefit of the listeners. We are happy and very proud to be a link in this process.

Thank you for stopping by. We couldn’t do it without you, the violinmakers.