Truly understanding the needs, expectations and wishes of musicians can only come through many years of collaboration. Many musicians support the development of Larsen’s strings by coming to the company, trying and talking strings with its development team. By participating in our strings tests again and again over the time, these friends of the house show personal evolution in sound and playability.

Interaction with these violinists, violists and cellists has taught us that a musician’s need in term of strings is subject to change. While some musicians like to keep the same types of strings, others like to change from time to time. Of course, there is also the case of a musician who starts working on a new instrument. In such a case, the choice of strings tends to be especially volatile.

With this knowledge in mind, Larsen Strings works with musicians, constantly challenging the limit of string sound and playability, which is why we invited two friends of the house to come and visit us. Katarina Skliarevski and Nikolai Skliarevski from the South Denmark Philharmonic came by last week to work with us on new ideas. Throughout the session, the musicians’ thoughts and impressions helped us getting closer to our goal.

We also took time to adjust Katarina and Nikolai’s set-ups. Even though the two musicians have often before changed set-ups, this time they kept the same one. Sometimes old shoes are just better…

Many thanks to Katarina Skliarevski and Nikolai Skliarevski for their kind support.

We couldn’t do it without you.