A musical string is a matter of sound and playability. As such, describing its essence is never an easy task. The most powerful words are weak when it comes to capturing the true nature of a string.

During the last months Larsen Strings has published some videos illustrating the sound and feeling of Larsen’s cello strings. Through these videos experts in the field describe how they perceive our strings.

In one video, Larsen Strings tests Magnacore cello strings with Simon Morris, Director at J. & A. Beare Ltd. View this video and understand why Magnacore would be Simon Morris’ choice:

In another video Katri Patel from Stringers tries Larsen Fractional cello strings. Together with Larsen Strings, Mrs. Patel discusses the issues she usually experiences with smaller instruments. Watch the video and notice her smile when she plays the Larsen Fractional strings:

In a third video, Tom Woods (London’s cello specialist) is introduced to the Magnacore strings, which he finds very sporty “like a Ferrari set-up”. Listen to Tom Woods’ description of the Magnacore strings:

While the first three videos of the series were produced in London, the last one was made in Daniel Kogge and Yves Gateau’s studio of violin making and restoration in Berlin. In this last video Larsen Strings tests the Magnacore strings together with the cello soloist and conductor David Geringas. Mr. Geringas, who has been playing with Larsen’s strings for almost 25 years, explains that the strings give him the feeling of being at home.

We hope these videos have brought you some new insights about the strings.

For more information, please find the factsheets for Magnacore and Larsen Fractional strings for cello in our homepage:


Please, feel free to share your thoughts about these strings with us.


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