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Dr Thomas Zwieg

The Latest News from Sønderborg

The latest news from Larsen Strings. Please read updates on forthcoming events, new products, recent visits and recent visitors.

Please feel free to share your ideas and views with us via any of our channels using the direct links available on each post.

Kronberg Academy

Larsen Strings Workshop. 'How Can I Optimise My Instrument?' Dr. Ing. Thomas Zwieg, Product Development Manager at Larsen Strings A/S with Tobias Krutz, violinmaker and cellist. Dr. Ing. Thomas Zwieg and the violinmaker and cellist Tobias Krutz will explain and...

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Guest Blogs

Have you visited our guest musician blogs? To give contrasting perspective, the two blogs currently up and running, are from the viewpoint of a cello teacher in London and a student cellist currently studying at the Royal College of Music. The Student Cellist Hattie...

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Featuring Jason Lippmann

New to our online Musicians section is Jason Lippmann. A cellist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Jason has recently performed contemporary works by Frank Zappa and Phillip Glass. He can also be heard on the sound track of major Hollywood productions including The...

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Larsen Strings on Tour

‘Strings have a far larger effect on the timbre and playing characteristics of a cello than one might expect. Similarly to our vocal folds, they contribute greatly to an instrument’s quality of articulation and expression. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Zwieg from Larsen Strings A/S...

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Stradivarius vs Guarnerius

‘Trying out the Lord Aylesford 1696 Stradivarius on loan to me by the Nippon Music Foundation and the Joseph Filius Guarnerius 1694 from Beares in London.’ Cellist Pablo Ferrández compares the two greats. To make things fair, as in the...

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Made in Denmark

As the Danish gentleman said. Part of a series of illustrated quotes from Hans Christian Andersen to follow over the next week or so. ‘Where words fail, music speaks.’ At Larsen Strings we would like to think that we are adding our voice to the conversation. Please...

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New Featured Artists

North American Featured Musicians For our latest update of partner musicians, we are pleased to present four musicians from the United States. Magnacore® Arioso: Benjamin Karp, Professor of Cello at the University of Kentucky School of Music. Magnacore®: Dr. Kimberly...

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Aiming for Sustainable Solutions

We are participating in Project ZEROThe entire Sonderborg area is involved in the vision of creating a COneutral growth area before 2029. Larsen Strings has been awarded Silver Certification.

Our aim is to work toward sustainable solutions at Larsen Strings.  As a company we have chosen to support the environment by upgrading to the CO2 neutral energy plan ‘Medvind’ as supplied by SE’s Danish Land Wind Turbines.

Elholm 6, 6400 Sønderborg, Denmark.

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Larsen Strings A/S has chosen to support the environment by upgrading to the CO2 neutral energy plan ‘Medvind’ as supplied by SE’s Danish Land Wind Turbines. Awarded Silver Certification as a corporate participant in Project ZERO (Sønderborg).