Hui Jin

Professor of Violin, The Orchestral Instruments Studies Department at the China Conservatory

Il Cannone Gold by Larsen Strings

Il Cannone® for Violin

Il Cannone violin strings are available as a series of three brand variants. Premium strings characterised by a clear and colourful sound with punch and projection at the core. The new Il Cannone Gold is our final add on to the Il Cannone family of strings.

They are the most powerful strings in the family, even though they have the identical string tension to Il Cannone Soloist strings. The new Il Cannone Gold offer a unique strength for violin strings, enhancing the core sound of the instrument. They offer a vibrancy that makes the entire instrument resonate as if the strings are in perfect sync with the violin.

Reviews of our Il Cannone Gold sound include: ‘incredibly powerful, a palette of sensuous sound colours, fast, strong, crisp, durable, long-lasting, unique.’

Il Cannone Gold is the ultimate edition our premium Il Cannone violin strings family with a unique touch of lasting luxury.

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Jin Hui Il Cannone Gold

Il Cannone® Gold for Violin

About Hui Jin

​Mr. Jin holds the following posts: Professor of Violin, The Orchestral Instruments Studies Department at China Conservatory; Director of String Music Teaching and Research Center and The Supervisor of Postgraduate Studies at China Conservatory of Music; Doctoral Supervisor of Bangkok Thonburi University, Visiting Conductor at Kunming Nie Er Symphony Orchestra, and Vice-Chairman of Korean Musicians Association.

Hui Jin is one of the world-renowned violinists active internationally. He played with Orchestras and Musical Ensembles throughout the world. As a soloist, he was played with orchestras that includes but not limited to: Seoul Symphony Orchestra in Korea, Helsinki Symphony Orchestra in Finland, Quebec Symphony Orchestra in Canada, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra in Australia, National Rio Symphony Orchestra in Brazil, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, China Radio Symphony Orchestra, China Film Studio Orchestra, China National Symphony Orchestra, Shaanxi Philharmonic Orchestra and China Youth Symphony Orchestra, etc. In 2010, Hui Jin Hui leads The China Youth Symphony Orchestra participated at The Salzburg Festival in Austria, performed with top Erhu Soloist Song Fei premiered the “violin and Erhu” Duo Concerto “The Butterfly Story”, and following DVD was published the same year. In 2010 and 2011, Hui Jin was invited by Ministry of Culture to perform at Spring Festival Gala Evening for the President of China. In 2012, People’s Music and Electronic Audio & Video Publishing House published his albums Ai Zhi Ge and Ma Sicong’s Works. People’s Daily evaluated his performance as “the violinist who performs by heart”.

In addition to Violinist and String Professor, Hui Jin stays very active in the conducting world. When he was in the US, he was invited to conduct Arizona Symphony Orchestra, Bayreuth Symphony Orchestra, and Detroit Youth Symphony Orchestra. He served as Music Director of The Detroit Chorus in 2006. After returning to China, he has conducted Youth Symphony Orchestra, Youth Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Sichuan Symphony Orchestra, Wuhan Symphony Orchestra, Kunming Nie Er Symphony Orchestra and Harbin Symphony Orchestra, etc. In 2013, Hui Jin led Shaanxi Philharmonic Chamber Music Orchestra to participate in Paris Art Festival, and their performance achieved great success. Phoenix TV specially reported the performance situation. In the same year, he conducted Shaanxi Philharmonic Orchestra to participate in the performance in the 2nd Western Symphony Week, and was rated by China Art News as “the conductor performing excellently” in the symphony week. Now, Hui Jin acts as art director of Shaanxi Philharmonic Orchestra and music director of Shaanxi Philharmonic Chamber Music Orchestra.

Professor Jin Hui Il Cannone Violin Gold
Il Cannone Gold by Larsen Strings

Born in a musical family, Hui Jin has learned to play the violin form his father Jin Zhongping (violin educator) since his childhood. Later, he was admitted into Central Conservatory of Music Middle School, and then was recommended for admission into Central Conservatory of Music with excellent academic performance, where he learned from the famous violin educator Wang Zhenshan. Later, he went to Canada and the US for studies and gained Master’s Degree of Quebec Conservatory of Music in 1995.

When learning in China, Hui Jin won the first place and Award of Chinese Works in the 3rd National Violin Competition (youth group). Later, he was dispatched by the Ministry of Culture to Poland for participation in Wieniawski International Violin Competition for Teenagers and the 6th Jean·Sibelius International Violin Competition in Helsinki, where he gained grand prizes. Meanwhile, he obtained the Certificate of Honor issued by the Ministry of Culture.

When living overseas, Hui Jin served as the chief violin performer in US Biloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra in 1998. In 1999, he took office in US St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. In 2000, he worked for one of ten major symphony orchestras in US – Detroit Symphony Orchestra. In 2004, Hui Jin was employed by Adelaide Symphony Orchestra as the visiting chief violinist. In 2006, he was employed by Department of Music in Weston University (Detroit) as the violin professor.

In order to make contributions to the music cause of the motherland, Hui Jin returned to China in 2008, and taught at Chinese Conservatory of Music. At the invitation of National Grand Theatre, he gave lectures on violin art and performance many times for Classical Art Classroom of National Grand Theatre. Besides, Hui Jin served as the judge of Chinese and international great competitions, such as the 9th and the 10th Wenhua Award National Violin Competition of Teenagers in 2009 and 2012, the 8th Golden Bell Award of Chinese Musicians Association in 2011, Hong Kong International Violin Contest in 2011 and 2012, CCTV Piano and Violin Competition in 2011 and 2014, US Cooper International Violin Contest in 2012, and Forbidden City International Violin Contest (Chairman of Judging Panel).

Mr. Jin plays a Giuseppe Rocca (1840) fitted with Il Cannone Violin Gold.

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